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South East Asia is one of the largest and fasted growing economic region in the world. It is also getting recognized as one of the best education destination on contrary to the traditionally flow of students has been towards English-speaking countries like UK, the USA and Australia. However, this pattern is shifting with a sharp increase in the flow of students in Asia and the Pacific, and the development of several education hubs in the region.

When I joined Stamford International University, while all of my friends from Nepal were applying to Europe and the USA, they would often ask why Thailand? My answer was simple “quality education close to my home”. Even though my initial plan was to start in Thailand and later transfer through pathway program to UK, I never transferred but graduated from here because I received more than my expectation.

STIU provided me quality education from professor with outstanding academic and professional background.  Studying at STIU was not just studying through the books and professor but also learning a great deal from classmates of various nationalities with different cultures who were bringing unique perspective and ideas during class discussions. The individualized attention from professors was nourishing everyone to give their best and the country never bored us when we were looking for recreational activity to unwind. I graduated as a Dean’s list, scholarship student and with a job offer which would kick start my career.

Jaswani Stamford

Jaswani R.L. Rana, Int’l Admissions Manager

Now I am working in International Admissions Department at STIU and it is my daily task to provide guidance and counseling for students who seek to study with us. They ask me the same question, why Thailand and why STIU? My answer is the same as before and much more, the University offers one of the best quality international education at reasonable cost and with various opportunities. STIU is a member of Laureate International Universities and is connected with 75 institutions in 30 countries which permits us to provide exchange program options. The students pay Thailand tuition fees while studying few terms abroad. The Pathways program with leading international institutions like Blue Mountains International Hotel Management School, Australia; Kendell College, USA; Media Design School New Zealand; Real Madrid Graduate School, Spain and more allows student to receive dual degree or graduate abroad.

Students who wishes to study Undergraduate program can choose from Bachelor of Business Administration, International Business, Finance and Banking, Human Resource, Marketing, International Relations, Hotel Management, Airline Business Management, Logistics and Supply Chain, Event Management, Business Intelligence, Entrepreneurship, Accounting, Information Technology, Broadcast and Journalism, Advertising and Public Relations, Creative Media Design and English (Applied Global Communication). It is a 3 year degree but it is based on 4 year curriculum. Our program is offered in trimester basis which allows the student to graduate within 3 years, however the total credits are equivalent to 4 Years degree.

Graduate students study Master in Business Administration, General or with emphasis in International Business Management, Marketing Management and Sports Management. The program varies from 1-2 years and similar to Undergraduate the total credits of either duration is the same.

While the students are studying at Stamford they have access to a network of over 100 corporate partners in Thailand and around Asia. Stamford also guarantees internships for all students. Companies such as Singapore Airlines, Google Thailand, Accor, McDonalds, Loxley, TNS, Modernform and Price Waterhouse Coopers have all teamed up with Stamford to allow students unique access to real world training experiences.

These are the few reason why students from more than 100 countries have chosen to study at STIU and Nepalese students are a big part of the international student body. In Nepal, Professional Education Consultant have been working as the local representative for the past 7 years. They provide admissions and visa assistance to prospective students who are interested to pursue their studies at Stamford International University.

Interested students can contact PEC.

For more information about Stamford International University visit: www.stamford.edu