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Professional Education Consultancy (PEC), founded in 1994, has been a pioneer and a forerunner in the education industry of Nepal. What sets us apart is the transparency and moral code with which we handle all aspiring dreamers and believers of our nation, that are only seeking a quality education abroad.

The process of enrolling a student to a particular college/university that best suits his/her interest has never been easy. However, our professional team of counselors has been successful in giving the delighted feeling to the student. Professionalism, ethical operations are our strongest USPs. We coach all our students and provide them with every assistance they need for a successful and fruitful transition.




We have always created a first-mover advantage whenever we introduce new initiatives for the betterment of students. We have recently paid huge attention to our Corporate Social Responsibility and are sincerely working towards the benefit of society and the underprivileged.

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