Best Student Cities in Australia

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best student cities in australia

best student cities in australia

If you’re looking to study in Australia, there are a variety of the best student cities in Australia that offer great benefits for students.  We know Australia is home to some of the world’s leading universities. They are among the best in the world, not just in terms of their academic standards but also in their student experience. 

There are lots of factors that come into play when choosing a university to study at, and no matter what subject you’re interested in there will be a suitable university for you. To learn more Click Here.

However, it is important to keep in mind that different cities offer different things when it comes to universities – some have better sports facilities while others have more bars and restaurants. So if you’re thinking about where to study in Australia, here is the list of the best student cities in Australia.

best student cities in australia 01

best student cities in australia 01

Best student cities in Australia  


Study in Melbourne

melbourne australia

melbourne australia

Melbourne is one of the best student cities in Australia and it is also known as the cultural epicentre of Australia. It serves as a home for more than 270,000 university students, and more than a third of them are international (100,000). 

It is a great choice for university students for a variety of reasons, it is recognized as the 10th best city in the world for employer activity, ensuring that overseas students will have high employability after completing their studies.

The city encourages artists’ success and combines fashion, art, and cultural events into its overall layout. Self-expression can be seen in the country’s street art, alternative fashion, live music, and festivals. It’s a culture that perfectly matches the tastes of the student body. 

There is no shortage of low-cost and independently created entertainment. Affordable cafes with authentic Asian or fusion cuisine, speciality bars with free live music, and public areas brimming with art are all readily available.

Melbourne being one of the best student cities in Australia provides students with both practical advantages and perks related to culture, which is one of the reasons so many students select Melbourne as their home. It has a well-connected network of buses, taxis, trams, trains, and other forms of public transit. 

In general, getting around the city’s core and the interior is easy and affordable. The city’s diversity is further enhanced by the mix of high- and low-density blocks that surround the city’s core. The majority of the time, students are able to locate cheap homes near where they study. 

Universities in Melbourne 

Deakin University

La Trobe University

RMIT University

Central Queensland University

Swinborne University


Study in Sydney

sydney australia

sydney australia

Sydney, the largest city in Australia and the state capital of New South Wales, is home to six prestigious institutions, each with more than 30,000 students enrolled. 

It is one of the most costly cities to live in while having one of the highest median incomes worldwide. Every big theatrical performance, musical, and other kinds of entertainment that visit Australia may be found in Sydney.

Due to a long history of ongoing immigration, Sydney is one of the best student cities in Australia that has a rich cultural mix of ethnicities. Sydney’s diverse, inventive, and vibrant restaurant scene provides evidence of this. Sydney, on the other hand, is an expensive and busy metropolis.

With hundreds of businesses, Sydney is also recognized as Australia’s economic centre, providing international students with a wide choice of chances for internships, training, and perhaps future employment.

Sydney’s public transportation is unreliable and its roads are frequently congested. Sydney is unquestionably an expensive city to live in, but there are some advantages and known as the best student cities in Australia for study.

First off, campuses at universities are typically found in cities with quick access to a variety of cultural landmarks and beaches. The universities in Sydney are widely known for their scholarly studies. 

Universities in Sydney 

Universities of Southern Queensland

Macquarie University

University of Newcastle

Western Sydney University

Australian Catholic University 

Swinborne University 


Study in Canberra

canberra australia

canberra australia

Another fantastic tiny city for students to live in is Canberra, the capital of Australia. The city attracts many international students because it is a great place to live and study. According to Australian norms, the universities have a very small student body of about 35,000. International students make up about 25% of the total enrollment at both campuses.

The city is dispersed over a sizable area, with sizable portions of the land set aside as parks and animal preserves. With scattered parks, playgrounds, and tiny shopping centres throughout the city, the suburbs are self-sufficient. 

Canberra’s suburban lifestyle has little impact on students since several universities are close to the Civic. Irish and posh taverns and nightclubs, as well as restaurants that serve both Asian and European food, are very common there. 

The “desirability” category is where Canberra ranks second best student cities in Australia for living and studying. Despite being one of Australia’s few large cities without a beach within walking distance, Canberra has a lot to offer visitors, including a man-made lake in the heart of the city and a number of nearby nature preserves. 

It also provides authorized clubs with practically no membership fees, as well as reasonably priced food and beverages. Additionally, it has a distraction-free setting that is helpful for learning. The city’s parks help to create a tranquil environment. Canberra is home to two universities, both of which are close to one another.

Universities in Canberra

University of Canberra

Australian Catholic University


Study in Brisbane

brisbane australia

brisbane australia

At least 100,000 college students live in Brisbane, which is also Australia’s third-most populous city and is renowned as the best student cities in Australia. These students attend one of the three premier universities in the city.

The inner suburbs, also happen to be where most of the teaching facilities are located and it is home to the majority of university students. 

In Brisbane’s inner city, which is relatively compact and pedestrian-friendly, public transportation is extensively accessible. Bicycling is an additional prevalent form of transportation. 

Despite the fact that it is a mountainous city, both banks of the Brisbane River have substantial bike paths. The majority of residents commute by vehicle.

It has a robust public transit system that makes it easier for students to get around, especially when using a Translink go card, which allows for travel by bus, rail, and ferry. 

Not to mention, this beautiful city offers a variety of opportunities for international students to work up to 40 hours biweekly in part-time employment to support their stay and study in the country.

Universities in Brisbane

Griffith University

Central Queensland University

Australian Catholic University


Study in Adelaide

adelaide australia

adelaide australia

In the semi-arid state of South Australia, Adelaide is the only metropolis. Nearly 20,000 of the 70,000 students in Adelaide’s universities are from other countries. Many overseas students choose Adelaide as their place of residence because of its affordable housing costs. 

Given the size of the city, four universities are present. The majority of students in Adelaide have easy access to facilities and entertainment by residing close to the city centre, which puts them within walking distance of their studies.

On the other hand, they can decide to reside in the suburbs for practical reasons because they provide inexpensive housing and easy parking. The city has a low population density, hence public transportation is insufficient in many areas. 

Adelaide Metro operates a citywide bus system, an inner-city tram loop, and the Adelaide-Glenelg Tram. The Adelaide neighbourhood of Glenelg, which has a beach, is a well-liked weekend vacation destination. It is near to the beach and includes a variety of restaurants and coffee shops. 

These colleges accept a substantial number of students from other nations and offer a wide range of degrees. While pursuing in Adelaide one of the best student cities in Australia, there are numerous options for students in the city to participate in part-time work and internships. 

Additionally, this city holds a variety of major events throughout the year, like Test Cricket, Adelaide Festival, and Adelaide Fridge, where students are sure to find something of interest. 

Furthermore, Adelaide is always packed with festivals, flea markets, award-winning restaurants, and world-renowned wineries for you to enjoy.

Universities in Adelaide 

University of Adelaide

Torren University of Australia

University of South Australia


Study in Perth

perth australia

perth australia

Perth’s universities are all dispersed from the city centre, therefore the atmosphere among students is suburban. In order to commute by foot or bicycle, students choose to reside close to their schools. 

There is also public transportation, with a regular bus service during the workweek. Institutions usually give the social side of student life, which is more campus-focused than city-focused, strong support. Student unions host several events, and colleges provide a variety of sports organizations to join.

This city’s cultural centre offers a variety of settings for festivals and events, as well as a wide range of dining options and Perth is one of the best student cities in Australia where you will have entertainment options to make it the ideal second home for international students.

Perth also boasts 19 beautiful beaches where you may spend your free time participating in hobbies like fishing, surfing, and snorkelling. There are several dining, shopping, and entertainment opportunities in Perth. 

Perth is one of the best student cities in Australia which has a high cost of living. However, a thriving job market and regional economy are to blame for the high cost of living. Western Australia, a big, semi-arid state, is a popular study abroad destination with 35,000 international students enrolled in four universities. The nation’s capital is Perth.

Universities in Perth

Curtin university 

Edith Cowan University


Study in Gold Coast

gold coast australia

gold coast australia

The Gold Coast has everything you could want from one of Australia’s premier cities. The Gold Coast offers excellent weather, beaches, canals, and natural areas, as well as entertainment and thriving nightlife, for university students. At four Australian universities, there are more than 30,000 college students.

The city is the most visited place in Australia and a favourite among students. That’s why it is known as the best student cities in Australia for studying and living. There are beaches, a variety of activities, and lovely weather.

Students can save thousands of Australian dollars compared to students in Sydney or Melbourne despite the high cost of living thanks to the low tuition rates at public universities. 

There are golden beaches among them, as the name says! Your vacation here is sure to be unique and pleasurable because of the lush forests, national parks, galleries, shops, and much more. 

It is not unexpected that the Gold Coast is a popular travel destination for students given its diversified, multicultural population and status as the most budget-friendly of Australia’s top cities.

University in Gold Coast

Southern Cross University


Study in Armidale

armidale australia

armidale australia

One of the best student cities in Australia is Armidale which is located in the Northern Tablelands of New South Wales. It serves as the Northern Tablelands region’s administrative hub. The international community of Armidale welcomes students from over 80 different nations.

The New England Highway and Waterfall Way intersection are around midway between Sydney and Brisbane. The Anaiwan Peoples are the rightful owners of the land in Armidale.

The climate of Armidale is subtropical highland, and while being higher up than most of northern New South Wales, it is nevertheless fairly warm in the summer. Long and chilly winters feature numerous frigid nights. Only one day every three years on average does it snow.

NSW TrainLink’s daily coach service to Tenterfield connects the city to points farther north. Numerous daily services are also offered by other bus operators, like Greyhound. Edwards Coaches offers local city services on six distinct routes, and Armidale is served by 16 taxis.

The lifestyle in Armidale which is also one of the best student cities in Australia is serene, enjoyable, and affordable. Beautiful Australian wildlife habitats, waterfalls, and natural parks are around our main campus.

University in Armidale

University of New England


Locations of the best students cities in Australia

australia map locations

australia map locations

Therefore, the list of best student cities in Australia provides a brief overview of some of the best student cities in Australia and their respective universities. Whether you’re interested in studying business, engineering, nursing or something else entirely, these are some of the most famous student cities in Australia and their associated universities. 

Australia continues to be a top-rated destination for students pursuing tertiary education locally. With so many different cities across the country and such a diverse range of universities, it’s difficult to know which city might be best suited to you. For more details Contact Us.

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