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Speaking Test can be a nightmare for those who lack practice of speaking in English. The students might be dumbfounded dealing with the IELTS Speaking Test. Likewise, there are some students who feel that even after doing well in the test, they could not able to  secure a good mark. In this aspect, one should know that IELTS Speaking is not an interview session and on contrary, it is just a test of English. Therefore supplying only the well balanced answer is not sufficient. 

(Visit this site for the practice of IELTS Speaking)


Especially in Part-2, the Students get stuck due to lack of fluency & proper planning of the ideas. Actually, Speaking Part 2 is a Mini-speech. One has to talk for 2 minutes continuously and at this time two minutes can be seemed as 2hrs.There are two ways of approaching to this task. They are as follows: 

The First Attempt is dividing the speech into: 

  • Introduction 
  • Body 
  • And Conclusion

Note: Take a full time and try to finish not less than 1 min 55 seconds. It needs a huge sense of practice to finish on this accurate time. 

The Second Attempt:

  • Introduction
  • Body
  • NO conclusion (X)

 It is because in the mode of finishing the speech with conclusion, the students are found ending it quite earlier. So, in that situation do follow your speech as mentioned above. 

Present your speech following this strategy:

Introductory part: 

Introduce your topic as ‘I’d like to talk on the topic ABC’ and explain further using the phrase ‘I chose this topic because…..’ 
Answer briefly to all the questions of Cue-Card excluding the last part question (Why/How) that asks about to provide reason. 

Body part :

It is the main part of Monologue.
Answer the last part of Cue card questions over here.
Present 3-4 reasons and explain with suitable examples.
Keep on talking till 2 minutes.
Use Complex and Compound sentences.
Don’t forget to imply all the tenses such as Past, Present & Future during the speech.
Utilize this website for further practice of the IELTS Monologue 

Also, take notes on the Evaluation part of Speaking by visiting on this site.

(Speaking Band Descriptors)

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