Long Term Effects of Covid-19

Fri Apr 17 2020 08:22:09 GMT+0545 (Nepal Time)

corona long term effect banner

corona long term effect banner

The effect of Covid 19 is not just an immediate but it will have a long term effects in every aspects of human history. It has positively affected biological ecosystem cleansing tons of pollution from the air and making atmosphere easy to breath. Animals and plants are happy, sea must be very happy as no contaminated water flow from industry flowing into it.

The most worried are the people from this planet. Among them the most worried are the business community. There will be millions of jobs cut and industry/business shot down. Many countries will go to deep recession. No jobs, no business, no industries..........If we keep on thinking like this, we surely can do nothing and end up in a real disaster.

Lets not think that we can not do business anymore but lets think that what are the ways to do business differently. No doubt, business will not run in the same format as before so why not think now and prepare and train yourself to adapt this new changes.

  • The first and foremost, please stop loading yourself with negative news on Covid from FB, Whatapp and Viber.
  • Don't stay idle at home doing nothing, train yourself and acquire digital knowledge through online training.
  • People no more will be working from office with fix time table and fix salaries. There will be people who deliver service when needed at fixed cost.
  • Digitize your products and service. The world will go into digital technology. Amazon is the highest book seller in the world without having any its own book shops.
  • Look for promotions of your products and services in the virtual world now as billions of people are active digitally now.
  • The world will be more into "gig Economy" so prepare for this.


I will come up with more ideas on how to take your business digitally #gofordg #bizwithsk.

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