Major Upcoming Updates for International Students in Australia

Sun Sep 04 2022 16:59:44 GMT+0545 (Nepal Time)

major upcoming updates for international students in australia

major upcoming updates for international students in australia

There are some major upcoming updates for international students in Australia to study. First, the Australian government is changing the legal migration cap. The new requirements will be more flexible, making it easier for international students to study in Australia

Second, the Australian government is increasing the number of employees to increase the visa process for international students. This will make the visa process faster to study in Australia. 

Finally, the Australian government will be increasing the duration of post-study work visas. As a result, it is easier for international students to work in Australia after they graduate. 

These changes will make it easier for international students to come to Australia to study and to stay after they graduate. Visit Us!

Five Major Upcoming Updates for International Students Australia: 

Increase in the Migration Cap

For this fiscal year, the government raised the quota on legal migration cap from 1,60,000 to 1,95,000 people.

It implies that more positions will be open to close the gaps in Australia’s skilled occupations.

In order to address the scarcity of competent workers, many governments and territories have already published their migration programs.


Covid Isolation Reducted

For those who tested positive for COVID-19, the Australian government has shortened the required isolation time to five days. 

People who are still exhibiting symptoms and those who work in high-risk environments (such as aged care, hospitals or daycare centres) will still need to isolate for seven days.


Mask Rules for Domestic Flights

It is not mandatory for individuals to wear face masks on domestic flights. But for international flights, it is still mandatory. 


Faster Visa Processing

The Department of Home Affairs has received $36 million from the government for the processing of visas. To assist with completing the visa backing, hundreds of public sector employees will be deployed.


Increase in Post Study Work Visa

To improve the supply of qualified individuals, the Australian government will lengthen the post-study work rights of international students.

Post-study employment work rights for specific degrees in fields where skill shortages have been established will expand from:

  • Two years to four years for select Undergraduate or Bachelor’s degrees

  • Three years to five years for select Post Graduate or Master's degrees

  • Four years to six years for select Research PhDs. 

The Ministers of Home Affairs and Education will receive advice from a working group on the development regarding this and other related topics.

Representatives from Universities Australia, the Council of International Education, the Departments of Home Affairs and Education, and the National Tertiary Education Union will be included in the working group.

By October 28, 2022, the panel will report to the ministers.

The $36.1 million that the government will spend on visa processing to assist 5000 extra employees over the next nine months will also help international education.


Thus far this is the major upcoming update for international students in Australia. Contact us for more.

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