Reasons for Choosing Professional Education Consultancy for Abroad Studies.

Tue Feb 16 2021 12:17:23 GMT+0545 (Nepal Time)

Today is an era of the knowledge workers. The more knowledge that you possess, the more chances of WINNING. 

For people of the developing world, the race is even more tough, as the opportunities availed to them are comparatively fewer and really needs to be at the very top, all the time to help materialize their dreams.

Parents, especially from the developing world, are spending their lifelong earnings, in their children’s education, so that their children become the best of the best. And this is a huge investment.

On the other hand, education is getting no cheaper; Be it a high school, tertiary education or masters and beyond, its simply getting more expensive.

More and more students, globally are opting for abroad studies, to broaden their horizon, be independent, confident and to have a globally recognized degree.

It’s a tough choice and decision to make, for any students, when it comes to studies abroad. One knows that you will no longer be at the comfort of your families.

Considering these options takes time, it’s not that you will get all the information on Internet with the flick of keyboards. The internet is overloaded with information, and one can hardly make what is right and wrong. This is a process and you will need to have a lot of patience and make a wise decision. 

This is where experts like us (Professional Education Consultancy), comes into the picture, who has been in the industry for 27 years, and who can guide you much quicker, in helping to make the right decisions.

According to , 50% of international students have used Education Consultancies while selecting their studies abroad and further 35 % have respondent that they might.

Here are some reasons as to why you should take help from Professional Education Consultancy (PEC) for your studies abroad.

  • Expert

We are experts in our area of work, and have regular trainings inhouse, from the universities that we work with and from both host & home country governments that we deal with. PEC team members have information on the tip of their fingers and guide you thoroughly and honestly.

  • Experiences in guiding the students

We have experiences of recruiting 1000s of students, and know what student wants and looks for when it comes to their studying plans. All our senior counselors have visited the universities, that we work with. Thus, we can provide you with the first-hand information.

Our counselors see a lot of students daily, their interactions with the students on a daily basis makes them understand the latest market trends and guide students accordingly. 

  • Visa Guidance

Whenever, we talk about studies abroad, first thing, that comes to everybody’s mind are the visas. Our team is very well aware ad updated about the visa processes of the country that you wish to apply for. 

  • Accommodation options

After visas, the next thing, that hits the students mind is the accommodation. Our team guides you with step by step process to choose the accommodations options. 

  • Career Counseling

Many students, especially the younger ones, tends to be lost or in most cases undecided as to what they want to do. Our counselors will be talking to them on various career prospects, and narrow down their options. Or if required, our counselors are trained with various psychometric tests to find out their areas of interests.

  • Multiple options

The team will provide you with multiple study options. You can choose and apply to more than one study destination that matches your aspirations. Since we have partnered with several reputed universities abroad, we make sure to speed-up your application process and keep you informed about the requirements of each university. 

  • Scholarships / Financial Assistance guidance

There are many scholarships, grants, financial assistances being awarded by Universities as well as government and non-governmental organizations. PEC, team members are well aware and updated on these fronts and easily guide you through, which can significantly reduce your cost of study. And if lucky, if you can study absolutely for free.

  • Tete-a-Tete with the university Representatives

PEC is partnered with many universities across the globe, you will have the opportunities to directly talk to the universities at any of our offices.

  • Prompt Communication

The team is very well connected to the universities that we are partnered with. And the team can work their magic for a quicker or prompt communication with the universities.

  • Predeparture Services

PEC invites for a pre-departure services to its students and their parents/guardians twice a year. Based on our experiences and the experiences of our past students, we share the dos and don’ts including adjusting in the foreign environment.

  • PEC Alumni Network

PEC has a large of pool of alumni network. The last 27 years has been a remarkable journey for us. All our new students can have access to these networks. The team at PEC will you connect to these networks, for a quick transition in your overseas stays and to give you that home environment.

For all our services you can visit any of our office located In Nepal, India, Bangladesh and Australia. 

Head office: 7th Floor ShreeKrishna Sadan, New Baneshwor

Patan Office: Manbhawan, Kumaripati 

Maharajgunj Office:  Maharajgunj, Chakrapath (Opp. Hotel  Sambala) 4377060 

Balaju Office:  Nayabazar, Balaju (Adajcent to SASA banquet) 

Chitwan Office: Saheed Chowk, Narayanghat

Pokhara Office: New Road, Pokhara (Opposite Bhatbhateni Store)

Butwal Office: Milan Chowk-08, Butwal (Beside Nirvana Lounge) 
                          071544555, 071544666

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