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how to wirte a sop for australia

how to wirte a sop for australia

Are you having trouble where to begin while writing an SOP for Australia? We all know, that writing SOP can be confusing and hard. It is because many of the students do not have a future plan. Furthermore, many of us often write about dreams rather than career objectives.

The statement of purpose is a key component of your abroad studying application. It is your opportunity to articulate your goals, motivation, and future career to the admissions committee.

Remember every SOP are unique and they cannot be written in general form (i.e generalization manner or copying others) because you are the main character in your SOP.

In this article, we will provide you with some tips and guidelines to help you write a strong statement of purpose. 


Guidelines of SOP for Australia



Writing SOP for Australia, first start with your introduction, name, Birth date and permanent address. Mention your total family members and give a little family background.

You can write about your personality or interesting things about yourself. If your childhood dreams match your current ones, you can drop those lines.


Academic Qualification 

In the academic qualification section students have to write their education background. Competition year of grade 10, school name, and address with score obtained in GPA form. Similarly, write about your high school, grades 11 & 12. 

If you have completed your bachelor’s, mention them also. Each student has a unique intention, why they want to study abroad and take PTE/IELTS classes. Finally, write about the score obtained on your IELTS/PTE test. 


Work Experience 

If you have work experience, mention the job location, recruitment year, position, responsibilities and what skills you have acquired during your work experience. Note down the specific part of your job experience.

Relate the working experience with your current choices of going abroad for study. The realization part is necessary for Why do you want to continue studying abroad, over a job.

It is for students with work experience and those who are mainly going for post-graduate studies. This is also used to explain about education gap. 


Why not in your home country? 

Compose a story about why your home country is not suitable for further study. Relate them with your aim and what are the factors that will become hurdles if you study there.

You have to find really good reasons that can be related to the poor education system, traditional teaching methods, political unrest, theoretical over practical, time period to finish the course and more.

Or, you can also state your personal point of view and mention what you cannot achieve if you continue studying in your home country in a logical manner.


Why particular countries over other countries? 

Everyone has personal thoughts about choosing a specific country. Write your intention, and why you choose a particular country.

It can be due to top universities situated in the country. You can look into climatic conditions, accommodation costs, tuition fees, safety index, and course contents. 

Mention positive aspects of the chosen country and why it is better to shape your future career. You can also give appropriate reasoning by stating why not choose certain countries. 


Why particular location or place?

The reasons for selecting a specific location are related to personal. You must write the rational points on why the particular location.

Explain the positive points of living in the location. Mention the benefits and what you are able to do in the place. You can point out the benefits and possible exposure that you will be receiving from the place.

While writing an SOP for Australia, explaining the location/place in which you are going to live can be optional.


Why the particular university or College?

Every university is different and they are renowned best for certain reasons. Write why you are selecting the institution and background history.

The purpose of joining the university or college of two students at the same time in the same university will be different because of personal motives. You must note your purpose or target for selecting the university.

You can compare it with other institutions and enlist the difference in the tuition fees. Mention the benefits that you will gain in the university. 


Reasons for choosing a particular course? 

The course is related to future career and you must give intent for choosing the particular course. Mention the possible knowledge and skills you are benefiting from the course and how can they be useful in your career.

Similarly, write about career opportunities options that you are receiving after the competition of the course. It is one of the important parts while writing the SOP for Australia and your reasons must be logical.


Future Plan or Career 

This is the important part and you must write your future goals after completion of your studies. Commit to paper what you are doing in the future and give an outline of your future plan.

After completing the course, bring up possible jobs you are taking in the future and the salary range. Or the nature of the business you are running. In SOP for Australia, make your future plan realistic, achievable and understandable.

Your future career plans depend upon the course content you take. Therefore you must be well informed about the course you are receiving. 


Incentives to return back to home country

In this section write the main reason why you will return to your home country and what are you bringing back. It can be your family, friends, and relatives. Write about your house, land and family business. 

It may be your culture, tradition and festivals. You can also mention your business and the opportunity that your home country will offer in the near future. Each one of you has a different objective and plan to return back to your home country.


Financial Sponsor

Financial Sponsor is one of the important parts of the SOP for Australia. Here, you have to announce your sponsor’s name and disclose the source of the income. It may be from salary, business, land & building, rental income and agriculture firms.

This section must include the total cost in amount while studying in Australia and the income source to pay all the expenses.


Visa Conditions

In this paragraph, write about the visa conditions. According to the country, you are going to apply the visa conditions differ. You can simply copy Australia’s international student visa conditions in your SOP for Australia where you are applying. 



It is the last part of the SOP for Australia where you put your final or conclusion words. Furthermore, declare all the documents you presented are true and correct. 


Thus, when applying to undergraduate and graduate programs, you will be asked to statement of purpose. This document should be well-written and provide admissions committees with a clear sense of who you are and what your academic and professional goals are. While there is no one-size-fits-all formula for writing a successful SOP for Australia, these are some important guidelines to keep in mind. 


Final tip: Make your SOP unique to increase your GTE acceptance and VISA approval.

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