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20 Reasons why you should Study Abroad

Every year thousands and thousands of students travel to abroad for their education. It has become a trend for students globally to travel to new places for their higher studies. Researches, have indicated that its not only the students from developing countries travelling to developed ones for their studies abroad, but vice versa as well.

Professional Education Consultancy (PEC), headquartered in Nepal, with branches in Nepal, India, Bangladesh and Australia, has been guiding students for their Studies Abroad since last almost 3 decades.

study abroad

study abroad

Based on our findings and experiences, below are 20 best Reasons as to why students have been travelling abroad for their studies:

  • Independences

Youths today, don’t want to be confined to a particular environment. They want changes. And going for studies abroad is one way of breaking the confinement and seeking changes that they are looking for.

  • Learning Life basics

Having parents or guardian around is a cushion for many students, if they happen to fall. You learn a lot when you fall hard and getting out of the comfort zones. They hardly learn anything staying under someone’s else’s created comfort zones. Going abroad and living all by yourself teaches them about the basics of life, as you are no longer in your comfort zone.

  • Networking

Today, in almost all fields, success, largely depends on networking or references, that one possesses. Going for studies abroad means building international friends’ circle or networks, which will help them succeed in their careers.

  • Innovative ideas

Staying in one place all throughout one’s life, often leads to potential inbreeding. One can barely think out of the box. The world is full of ideas, and he who travels more, learns more, gathers more new ideas. The students wish to travel for abroad studies to grasp these new ideas, and also to change their thought processes.

  • Cross cultural experiences

The world is no more a huge world as we’ve once studied when we were kids. The invention of new technology and faster transportation, has really made our world a small village. And in order to survive or succeed, whether in business or in one’s life, we must understand other’s culture and respect. Studies abroad will certainly help in experiencing the cross-cultural experiences.

  • International Studies looks good on your CV

Having an international studies certainly looks very good on your CV. Students with international studies are certainly favored when they go for job interviews. It improves your career prospects.

  • Boosting Confidences & becoming independent

Students, who have studied abroad, for some reasons, are confident enough in handling the situations that they face both in their personal and professional lives. This confidence will certainly help them overcome the challenges and succeed.

Living and studying in another country will help shape you into an independent and adventurous adult, ready to succeed in your future career.

  • Brush up language skills

Studying abroad also means, studying in a different or another language. Studying in an environment, full of native speakers will certainly help in brushing up the language skills. It always looks impressive when you have the ability to speak an extra language.

  • Making lifelong friends

They say, no one can beat the company of your childhood, college/university friends. The joy, laughter, humiliations, humility, embarrassments, jokes, etc that you go through together builds a bond that lasts forever. These are the moments that you cherish all throughout your lives. Not only you cherish them but you become true friends, which lasts a lifetime.

  • Behavioral Changes

We have seen in many students, whose behaviors have drastically changed after their studies abroad, for good. The initial days of our counselling we have seen students barely speaking but upon completion their studies, they have changed drastically. The new environment certainly helps bring the best of out of students.

  • Learn how to struggle and overcome

Life is full of ups and downs, challenges, struggles, difficulties etc. We all need to remember that you are in this battle all by yourself, and what better than to start early, which is via Studies Abroad and be ready to face the harsh realities, once you graduate.

  • International work Opportunities

Students also takes the study abroad opportunities as a means of penetrating into the world of International Work Opportunities, which of course, is very promising. Students studying abroad, stands a better chance of getting jobs abroad, once they complete their studies.

  • Acquire World Class Skills

Most students, travel abroad to acquire world class skills. They often get enrolled in a better college or universities than the ones they normally have in their home countries. Which makes them better skilled upon their arrival back from abroad studies.

  • Study Subjects you Cannot study at home

Students often travels abroad to study subjects which are not available in their home countries. This puts them on top of the job recruiter’s list upon their arrival in their home countries.

  • Flexible Study Options

Students opt for their studies abroad in universities/colleges, which provides flexible study options. They can choose as many subjects or take loads in a term/semester, and have options of dropping a term or semesters etc.

  • Travel the World

Students often would want to use this opportunity to travel around the world when they study abroad. For example, backpacking or visiting nearby countries, during their study breaks.

  • Enjoy Coming Home

As the saying goes, you understand the love or value of things, when you are deprived of it. Most often, when the students come back from their studies abroad, they learn the importances of family, the value of their own culture back home, meaning of things that their parents often say, etc etc. In other words, they will enjoy coming home and not take things around you for granted.

  • Better Academic Qualifications

The value of better academic qualifications has grown multiple folds in the recent past. Students, thus, for the search of better academic qualifications are travelling far and wide to attain it. Students hope that these qualifications, will help them achieve their dreams and secure their future.

  • Value of Education

Students these days study keeping in mind the return that they would be making. The Educational Values of the studies abroad gives them the competitive advantage over their peers.

  • Have Fun

Students also travel abroad for studies, to have fun and to enjoy their lives. Life is not only about careers and future. You need to have some balanced fun in lives. Students, as per our experiences have been travelling to bring some colors in their lives as well.


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