What You Need To Shift About Your Mindset on The Novel Coronavirus

Sun Apr 12 2020 15:45:42 GMT+0545 (Nepal Time)

The Coronavirus, or better known as 'COVID-19' has been spreading across the globe and wreaking havoc on an unprecedented scale. It is to no surprise that this global pandemic has caused several companies to shut their doors while some have made a fortune out of it. Some see the epidemic as fear, plague and adversity while some see it as an opportunity to outrank themselves and reach their maximum potential.

This article is not going to cover topics on the COVID-19 symptoms, or tell you how to avoid the risk of being infected by the coronavirus. Because of course, you can find tons of those on the Internet already. But if you still insist, then I'll leave the links below.

What makes this article so unique?

When you google 'how to prevent the coronavirus' or 'avoid the risk of being infected by the COVID-19', the most common answer you'll find is: covering your mouth while coughing, sneezing, washing your hands thoroughly with hand sanitizer, avoid using someone else's towel or stop stealing your sister's curry from the dining table while she's looking away. Well, that could be one way to respond to it. But let's be frank here, those are just some things you should, or shouldn't, be doing it anyway.

What truly makes this article noteworthy is its 'paradigm'. Meaning in this article, I set apart a distinct set of concepts, thought patterns, theories and all the preconceived ideas that have heavily influenced and impacted the masses due to the “fear” resulted by the coronavirus.

What I'm going to talk about in this article is a very vast concept - it's something that most of us are probably already aware of but are still ignorant. It is something that few, or nobody on the Internet isn't possibly even talking about. And you will have discovered it in a few minutes. Isn't that awesome?

But you have to trust me, because this isn't going to be a no-brainer. It will require some mental effort. Heck, even a lot more! Your ideas will contradict each other. Your mind will fight a battle. But ultimately, you will draw yourself to a conclusion. 

So grab yourself a coffee and take a sip. Because this is going to be a long one.

1. Fear is the Weapon of Mass Destruction

I’m sure you already know as you can see it on social media. People spreading news (fear) about the COVID-19. You log in to Twitter, the first thing you see is how someone in North Korea got shot for being suspected as a coronavirus patient. Then you scroll through Instagram, there’s Trump blaming China for this pandemic. And then Facebook, and another, and it’s never-ending. The cycle continues. 

And by the time you rest yourself for lunch, you look at your food, but your mind is all corona. The next thing you know, you become a bag of nerves. Because let’s face it. Of all the epidemics in recent decades, 2020 has had it the worst. And while the virus is definitely a serious epidemic to consider, it is only innate for people to “fear” it. 

Fear is natural. We are human beings. We fear. We panic. That’s human nature. But when you really think about it in practical terms, digging a little bit outside the box, first of all, this would not be the last virus we would see. It’s not the first and it’s certainly not going to be the last. How long is it going to last? Maybe 2 months, 3 months, 8 months or possibly a year. We don’t know. No one knows.

Back in 1918, it was the Spanish flu that affected over 500 million people which then was about a quarter of the world's population. Quarter! That should speak something. And with years of data predicting that another epidemic would emerge in the 21st century, this prediction is becoming more of a reality with each passing day. 

And I say this without exception. Things like this norm throughout human history. We’ll make it through. We always do. We’ve always done so.

Knowing that it’s not going to last forever, rest assured because things would bounce back to normal. It’s just a matter of time. Now is the time to be tough, not to be fearful and pull back. Now is the time to expand, not to retract. 

So the next time you become fearful about the corona, just try thinking outside the box and expanding your horizon. Because remember, tough times don't last, but tough people do.

2. Energy Flows Where Attention Goes

There’s one thing that is tremendously amplifying the spread of the coronavirus: mass attention. I say this not from a medical perspective, but from a spiritual perspective. Sounds absurd? Pretty much. I wouldn’t dare to write this article if I didn’t expect that.

I say this without hesitation. The reason that the coronavirus is having such a huge impact on the world right now is the fear of the virus itself. When you fear something, you give attention to it. When you give attention to it, you attract it and bring it to your life. Who put the fear into you? It’s the news. It’s the media. Period.

As Rhonda Byrne, author of The Secret puts it, “We are like magnets - like attracts like. You become and attract what you think.”

If you’ve ever heard about the concept of Nocebo effect (contrary to the placebo effect), you’d understand the point I’m trying to make. It means that by mass manipulation of something made up that they want you to believe in, will ultimately cause a huge negative implication. Many times this is done subconsciously because of the negative fearful mental default setting of your primitive brain. Put simply, as defined by Wikipedia, a nocebo effect is when negative expectations of the patient regarding a treatment cause the treatment to have a more negative effect than it otherwise would have.

“The suggestion of you becoming ill is enough of a spell for those of weak mind to become ill via the power of mass herd suggestion…” - Ian Parks

Turn off the media and turn off the virus. The media is constantly bombarding you with negative news which is unconsciously casting a black magic spell upon the population. This only holds power over it, if you give it power. A bit like superstition. It’s kind of a self-fulfilling prophecy.

So what should you do now? First things first, shift your focus from all the negative repercussions that will result by the coronavirus and picture yourself to a healthier, happier version of you. The more you are afraid of something, the more you will bring it to pass. When you shift your vibration, you are aligning yourself to the new vibration you are emitting from your mind. 

3. Dealing with the Coronavirus

Think of anything that has endangered human beings. This might be a virus, a plague or nuclear radiation. The interesting part here is that while we were taught that there are basically so highly dangerous viruses out there that no one should have survived, yet there’s always a number of people that not only survived but actually are perfectly healthy. Ever wondered why?

There are so many stories throughout human history that while there were really dangerous, devastating and deadlier environments, they remained completely healthy. Why is that? If you want to know the answer, then keep reading.

  • Vibration

Through the last 15 years, we as a society worldwide have lived through many so-called dangerous epidemics. Ebola and Swine flu are some of those. But for some people personally, they stayed in their vibration so it didn’t really even concern them in any way. The interesting part is when your vibration is so high and you’re vibrating at the rate of health, then these topics don’t really seem to even permeate your reality.

  • Attention

What do you put your attention to? You cannot go out there and say “I’m avoiding these.”. Because what does avoiding mean? It still means you’re putting attention there. When I tell you to not think of a pink elephant, the reality is, you just think about it. It’s unavoidable when there’s attention. So do what makes you happy, live your life rather than allowing the outside reality to take over your attention. And that is why I stressed it earlier, the media is such a big part of it.

You have to understand that in this regard, this is not news anymore. If you’ve heard anything, then you’ve probably heard everything you need by now. This repetition thing is now fear-mongering. It is the mass consciousness of fear and what it creates is a very low vibration. So if people say, “Oh I need to stay on top of the news”, those aren’t news anymore. As you’re familiar with the most important facts, again, it’s not news anymore.

  • Intuition

This may sound a bit absurd. And this may have happened to you. Where you have planned to go to someplace, maybe you were even looking forward to it, and then last minute, you get this weird feeling, ‘No, I don’t feel like it anymore’. Something is keeping you from doing that. That’s your intuition. That’s your connection to your higher self.

So with this corona thing going on all around the world, in this regard, trust your intuition. If your inner voice tells you to not go somewhere, or go somewhere, trust it. Not just now. Not just in these times. But always. This intuition is what’s guiding you always to your highest good.

  • Common Sense:

People will tell you measures to deal with the coronavirus; staying very clean, maintaining your hygiene and washing your hands. Like I told earlier, those are just some “common sense things” that you will most likely do anyway.

But common sense is also looking at the information that you have. You know that every country in certain seasons is dealing with flu and viruses. We have to keep things in perspective and use common sense. Because once this enters the realm of “fear-mongering”, there is no common sense anymore. It’s not about common sense. It’s not even about facts or data. It’s truly just about putting “fear” into your system.

If it helps you, then look at the data, look at the stats. But again, use your common sense. Are you in imminent danger? Do you feel like you’re in imminent danger? Once you start putting things in perspective, it becomes more of a rational thing

Last but not least, your body is capable of withstanding anything. You are a supermachine. In times like these where the voices are so loud, it is more important for you to realize and live that truth, make that your dominant vibration and your dominant reality.

PS: By all means, this is no medical advice.  If you’re seeking medical advice, here are some links. 

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COVID-19 Symptoms, Diagnosis and Treatments

We hope this inspired you. We love communicating with you all. Thank you for making it till here!
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