Why Attend an Education Fairs?

Tue Feb 23 2021 21:45:57 GMT+0545 (Nepal Time)

The education fair is one of the best opportunities for students to discover their dream programme or to get a feel of suitable study options. Meeting university representatives in person as well as peers who may have similar goals for their education or career is certainly worth your time.



Education Fair provide a platform which gives all the information regarding abroad studies and all the procedures and formalities related to it to the students. Attending an Education Fair gives students a lot of benefits, which would not be availed by them otherwise. The exhibitors showcase the various programs and facilities offered by the celebrated or recognized foreign universities along with the special offers which the universities have.

An Education Fair is a platform where the students get to meet the international university representatives. If you are intending on studying abroad, you cannot just dive in without any know-how of it. For you to get a clear idea of the action plan you need guidance and professional advice. Education Fair helps you bridge the gap by providing all the necessary information you need to begin your journey.

Benefits of attending an education fairs:

1.  Helps you Evaluate Potential Options: The fair gives you an opportunity to talk to the different university representatives and know the details about the admission procedures, eligibility criteria, fee structure, scholarship opportunities and the like.

 2. Helps You get familiar with the Application Procedure: The application process is crucial in getting an offer letter from your dream university. The Fair helps you get familiar with the formalities and procedures. At an international educational Fair, the counselors and consultants guide you to create an ideal application which helps you make an amazing first impression.

3. Visa Application Information: Getting the Visa approved is “The Nightmare”. With so much hype about the frequent Visa rejections, students are scared and confused about the Visa related formalities. Your scores and preparation can all go in vain if your Visa is not approved. The counselors in the Education Fair guide you with sharing the Visa interview tips which in turn help you in getting a Visa approved.

4. Scholarship: The students attending the Education Fair can also get scholarships if their academic profile matches the necessary requirements. The students having budget constraints can immensely benefit out of the scholarship offers.

5. Intakes and Formalities: The fair helps you in applying for admission to the overseas university. If you are not aware of the intakes related to university admissions then you won’t be able to prepare accordingly.

6. Multiple Offers and Direct Admissions: The students attending the Education Fair can directly get on the spot admission based on their academic profile. They can also get application fee waiver. The fair helps students to interact with the University delegates directly, thus helping them gain all the necessary information. Many students are given direct admission which saves a lot of time and energy. Also, if you fail to meet the deadlines of application then, attending the Fair can immensely help you.

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