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Some of the finest universities in the world are located in Ireland. It is definitely a popular destination for students looking to study abroad. Ireland may be expensive than elsewhere in Europe, but without a doubt, it's a great destination for professional development. 
Irish universities specialize in various topics such as economics, natural sciences, technology and humanities. There are over two dozen universities and institutes of technology in Ireland that you can apply to. Acquiring the Bachelors or Masters degree in Ireland is a decent achievement.  

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leighton smith npxksk makg unsplash

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Popular Universities in Ireland

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Why consider Ireland?

Reasonable Cost

Compared to other countries like Australia, UK, USA or Thailand, the cost education in Ireland is quite low and reasonable.

Ease of Language

Most Nepalese students will find it easy to study in Ireland as their instruction language is English which most of us are comfortable with.


Irish government offers post-study work visa for students who completed their graduation where you can work for two years at least.

Learn & Earn

Students studying in Ireland can find internship opportunities at the universities in which they are studying. 

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