Bachelor in Creative Media Design

Stamford International University, Study in Thailand


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Creative Media Design (CMD) students will learn and develop an expertise in drawing, typography, packaging design, advertising design, photography, web development, motion design, video production, interactive design and 3D design. With these skills, CMD graduates will have the ability and knowledge needed for advertising and communication in various media, including the highly in-demand field of digital media.

International Experience
At Stamford, students have the opportunity to exchange international perspectives and learn how to work with friends and lecturers from around the world, preparing them to be global graduates ready for the international job market.

Real World Experience
Students will gain real-world experience by working on company projects with businesses inside and outside of Thailand. Students will acquire practical pre-press knowledge, meet real-time deadlines and be fully ready for future challenges.

Program Fee: Around $19,697

Duration: 3.5 years

All prices, dates, and deadlines are subject to change.

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