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Accounting is at the centre of business and finance - from tracking the flow of money to analysing financial activities. The skills you develop through the Bachelor of Accounting are fundamental to making strategic business decisions and helping people stay in control of their money.

Our Bachelor of Accounting is a premier undergraduate degree accredited with CPA Australia and Chartered Accountants Australia and New Zealand (CA ANZ). Upon completion of the core units you will meet the entry requirements for these professional accounting bodies and the Institute of Public Accountants (IPA).

You will develop specialised knowledge of the accounting discipline, including technical skills and critical thinking, as well as the skills to collect, measure, and communicate financial information in a range of situations.

This degree comprises a set of core units in accounting, auditing, information systems, economics, finance, business, statistics, and law. In addition to the core, there are optional majors in Advanced Accounting, Agribusiness, Finance, Business Analysis and Transformation.

As an alternative to these majors, the Bachelor of Accounting allows you to choose elective units from other disciplines across the University. You might choose a set of units that will equip you for a career in a particular industry. If your aim is to become an accountant:

  • in the film industry, choose screen or media studies units;
  • in forensic accounting, accounting systems design, or auditing IT systems, choose from the computer science suite of units;
  • with broader business skills, you can undertake management, marketing, human resource management or other units of your choice.

The Bachelor of Accounting gives you the flexibility to take your accounting qualification in the specific direction you choose.

Trimester 3 provides the opportunity to 'fast track' your degree and complete the Bachelor of Accounting in two years full time or four years part time if you choose elective units (rather than an additional major). Choose this path if you want to complete your degree as soon as possible.

If opportunities to work overseas arise while you are studying, UNE provides the flexibility you need to continue your studies. With extensive experience offering accounting to students online, you can be confident of the quality of teaching and support wherever you are located.

Program Fee: Around $

Duration: 3 Years

All prices, dates, and deadlines are subject to change.
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