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Location:   Rama 9 Campus, Dual Campus

Language:  English, Bilingual

Are you interested in the exciting world of international travel? Our Airline Business Management program covers everything from the ground to 30,000 feet.

The program will fully prepare you for the three principal areas of the aviation industry: service, technology, and ground management.

You will meet and interact with industry experts and aviation companies, giving you a deeper insight into the actual business environment.

You will have an internship with major domestic and international level airlines with on-the-job training, and hands-on experience. You will be treated just like full-time staff, under the guidance of a professional crew. You will be prepared and ready to work in all areas of the aviation industry.

With the MOU between Stamford and the Light Aircraft Association Leisure Flying Club (LAAF), Stamford is the first university in Thailand where students can obtain their Ultra-Light Pilot License (UPL) after passing the test at an additional cost. This has a huge advantage for students who choose to study for a commercial pilot license in the future. The UPL license is approved by the Department of Civil Aviation in Thailand.

Progression Option

  • BBA – Airline Business Management

  • BSc – Airline Management

Stamford has a collaboration with Vaughn College, New York – a private institution devoted exclusively to the field of aviation, management, engineering and technology. Airline Business Management graduates who meet the minimum GPA requirements can opt for the progression option to continue their study at Vaughn College. Students will study for an additional two semesters in New York and will receive another degree from Vaughn College.

You will learn and develop skills in:

  • Passenger Ground Services Agent Work, (e.g ramp control/Load & Balance/Lounge Agent/Departure & Arrival gate agent/ Customer Service agent/ Catering)

  • In-Flight Passenger Service such as Pilot/Cabin Crew

  • Tickets and Reservation Systems

  • Technical Areas Relating to Documentation/Administration

  • Immigration /Custom Control

  • Air Traffic Control

  • Travel Agency Work

You will be able to:

  • Perform all service functions relating to passenger ground services and in-flight service

  • Be service minded with a high level of professionalism

  • Demonstrate a high capability in all aspects of airline business management (e.g. aircraft types, airline business law and basic reservation and ticketing)

  • Be highly proficient in using airline business management technologies

  • Grow your own business relating to the airline industry

Career Opportunity

The program equips you with the skill set and English proficiency needed to pursue your dream job in the aviation industry. Careers such as:

  • Flight Attendant
  • Airline Administrative Support
  • Operations Agent
  • Flight Dispatcher
  • Passenger Service Agent
  • Airline Flight Instructor
  • Airline Manager
Program Fee: Around $18697

Duration: 3.5 Years

All prices, dates, and deadlines are subject to change.

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