Bachelor of Arts (Creative Writing)

Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology (RMIT University), Study In Australia


Course Details

In this degree you’ll be surrounded by a group of passionate writers of different levels and experience. You’ll work closely on your writing in an intensive studio model with world-leading lecturers and creative practitioners, improving your writing and solving problems from industry.

This degree is designed to make you confident, skilled and adaptable in today’s creative industries - where writing and editing are essential skills, and so are creativity, communication, and critical thinking. Along with leading genres like fiction, screen, and digital writing, you’ll become an adaptable writer by learning the skills to adjust to a constantly changing industry, spending deep time with your creative work, making new experiments, and gaining a diversity of knowledges. Your flair for creative expression will be complemented by becoming proficient in the business side of writing, allowing you to understand the publishing process as well as learn the skills required to become a freelance writer, collaborator or creative entrepreneur, working in events and digital media.

With a strong emphasis on industry connections, you will develop a large network of relationships throughout the degree, maximising your opportunities to gain employment upon graduation, and building a lifelong network of creative peers.

Graduates in this degree can expect to work in a variety of roles, including working as writers, editors, publishers, screenwriters, screen producers, digital and mobile media writers, and producers of events like writers’ festivals

Program Fee: Around $31680

Duration: Full-time 3 years

All prices, dates, and deadlines are subject to change.

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