Bachelor of Economics

University of New England (UNE), Study In Australia


Course Description

Our Bachelor of Economics is a versatile and relevant business and professional qualification. This degree is for you if you are interested in economics, commerce, business and finance, and enjoy problem solving and critical thinking.

The world's economies, living standards, commercial and political systems are all at the heart of economics. Through the study of economics, you will gain insights into the issues that are important for understanding the way the economic systems work, as well as for careers in business and government.

This degree looks at how modern economies operate - how they trade and grow, the role of prices, supply and demand, and how business and government both affect and are affected by the economy. You will develop analytical skills of both quantitative and policy-based economic issues - practical skills and knowledge that can be then adapted to a range of careers.

You will study core units in microeconomics (microeconomic issues include the management of the environment and depleting natural resources) and macroeconomics (this relates the growth and stability of the whole economic system) as well as business statistics. You can then choose to complete either one or two majors in Applied Econometrics, Economics, Economic Development or Environmental Analysis and Policy.

Social responsibility, ethical decision making, and environmental and business sustainability are incorporated throughout this degree, and you will develop skills to use, critically analyse, interpret, construct and communicate economic and social data with an emphasis on economic decision making.

Program Fee: Around $

Duration: 3 Years

All prices, dates, and deadlines are subject to change.
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