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La Trobe's Bachelor of Finance gives you a comprehensive understanding of corporate finance, investment valuation, economic theory and data analysis. You'll also develop an awareness of the principles of sustainability and entrepreneurship. In your second and third years, you can commence specialised electives such as financial and estate planning, computational finance and mergers and acquisitions.

You'll learn:

1. Corporate finance

Develop and manage an investment and funding strategy for an organisation.

2. Business data analysis

Develop an understanding of financial decision-making processes and apply statistical concepts to critical business problems.

3. Portfolio management

Analyse financial information and value a range of financial securities.

Construct an investment portfolio to meet investor goals and risk profiles.

Critique the ethical basis of financial decisions.

4. Risk management

Discover how to identify, analyse and reduce uncertainty in investment decision-making.

Program Fee: Around $34,200

Duration: 3 Years

All prices, dates, and deadlines are subject to change.
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