Bachelor of Humanities, Innovation and Technology

La Trobe University, Study In Australia


Course code/s: ABHIT

echnological innovation is transforming the way we live. As a result, humanities and social science disciplines are emerging as a crucial element in understanding where technology is taking us and what our human future will look like.

As a student of this course, you'll study a combination of humanities, business and STEM subjects. This will help you develop the knowledge you need to respond to urgent questions about ethics, inequality and sustainability brought about by disruptive technologies. You'll be introduced to a broad range of innovative topics including environmental science, the science fiction imagination, cyber law and policy, and the philosophy of virtual reality.

You'll be equipped with in-demand skills like innovative thinking, creative problem solving and critical analysis. Through a series of specially designed core subjects, you'll also have the opportunity to tie your studies together by developing a portfolio of work to present to future employers.

Program Fee: Around $(Not Mentioned)

Duration: 3 Years Full-time or Part-time equivalent

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