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This major is designed for students contemplating a career with an international focus. Centred on the study of international firms their strategy, corporate policies and operations it focuses on the institutional side of business, which is becoming increasingly important due to the globalisation of the business world.

1. This major fosters an understanding of why international business is different and how international business opportunities can be exploited.

You will gain an in-depth understanding of the topics that underpin international business activities.

2. It gives you the flexibility to tailor your studies according to your interests. You may prefer to focus on strictly business-relevant units, or you may be interested in units that relate to the wider cultural, social, economic, legal and political context within which international business activities are embedded.

3. You’ll study business issues in an international context, including cross-cultural management, international business strategy and sustainability.

4. You’ll learn to think critically and develop solutions associated with international business challenges.

5. You’ll have the opportunity to grow your network with our international student exchange program – you can take a short-term exchange with one of more than 200 partner universities across the globe.

6. You’ll have the opportunity to participate in our multi-award-winning Global Leadership Program, where you’ll develop the skills required to be a collaborative, consultative global leader – all skills valued by employers.

Program Fee: Around $36,300

Duration: 3 Years

All prices, dates, and deadlines are subject to change.
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