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La Trobe University, Study In Australia


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La Trobe's Bachelor of International Business teaches you how businesses operate in an increasingly globalised economy. You'll cover economics, finance, management, statistics and marketing from an international perspective.

You'll learn:

1. International economics and trade

Understand how the global market operates and countries interrelate.

Examine the impact of international trade policies and Australia's current position and future perspectives in the global economy.

2. International financial management

Identify how a highly globalised financial market affects local businesses and multinational corporations.

Investigate how businesses respond to movements in exchange rates, foreign interest rates, labour costs and inflation.

3. International marketing

Learn about the nature of the international marketplace and the new digital economy.

Explore the challenges facing marketing managers when operating in a global multicultural environment.

Program Fee: Around $33,000

Duration: 3 Years

All prices, dates, and deadlines are subject to change.
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