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La Trobe's Bachelor of Business (Marketing) will give you specialised knowledge in marketing and a grounding in business. Learn about current practice and future marketing trends. Understand marketing's innovative potential with subjects in digital marketing, consumer behaviour, branding, research and strategic planning.

You'll learn:

1. Consumer behaviour

Understand how people think and feel when engaging with brands and ultimately making a purchase.

2. Advertising in the digital age

Learn persuasive online and offline techniques to deliver value for customers and organisations.

3. Digital brand management

Create content to develop a brand using digital platforms and other strategic tools.

4. Market research

Gather information about customers, competitors and other stakeholders to better understand your goals and objectives.

5. Strategic marketing

Pull everything you have learnt together to be able to develop and deliver an effective marketing plan.

6. Accounting, economics and finance

Gain the foundational knowledge you need to succeed in business.

Program Fee: Around $33,800

Duration: 3 Years

All prices, dates, and deadlines are subject to change.
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