Bachelor of Social Science (Human Services)

University of South Australia (UNISA), Study In Australia


Why study Bachelor of Social Science (Human Services) in UNISA?

  If  you want to make a positive impact on people’s lives,a Bachelor of Human Services (with specialisations) from University of  South Australia will give you the skills and knowledge for a dynamic career in human services. Help achieve social justice and create a society where people have access to life-changing services and opportunities. It will help you to build your practical skills in our innovative Social Work Studios. Bachelor of social Science in UNISA is number one in SA for graduate careers in psychology and social work1 and number one for humanities, culture and social sciences2. Get hands-on experience and build pivotal networks with 560 hours of supervised local, rural and international work placements.  Graduates will get benefit from flexible study options, with on-campus, block intensive and online learning available.

This degree provides you with a sound knowledge of the political, behavioural and social sciences, and equips you with the skills needed for professional practice in the human services field as an accredited community worker, policy advocate or manager of human services. It has been developed around the following four major areas of study:

  • behavioural and social sciences
  • human service practice
  • human service management
  • social policy
Program Fee: Around $2020: AUD$ 28,000 per annum (per 1.0 EFTSL) 2021: AUD$ 29,400 per annum (per 1.0 EFTSL)

Duration: 3 year(s) full-time

All prices, dates, and deadlines are subject to change.

Behavioural and social sciences

The study of human behaviour and how it is affected by cultural, environmental, psychological and political aspects

Human service practice

The political influences on human services, as well as the various ethical and cultural considerations; you will also gain the necessary communication skills needed to practice successfully in the field

Human service management

Gain skills that are important in the planning, provision and evaluation of a variety of human services .

Social policy

Learn how to identify the social policies that affect people’s lives, and the strategic ways that social workers may be able to influence these policies


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