Bachelors of Arts and Bachelor of Education (Primary)

Macquarie University (MQU), Study In Australia


Course Details

Primary educators focus on helping children reach their full potential, inspire a love of learning and guide them in the development of foundational skills in areas such as literacy and numeracy; and physical, arts, social and emotional competencies.

In the Bachelor of Arts component of this double degree, you’ll undertake an academic major from a wide range of areas. The Bachelor of Education (Primary) component will provide you with the equivalent of two years full-time professional study. You’ll be taught by academics who are actively researching the latest approaches to teaching and learning – Macquarie is a leader in educational research with a particular focus on information and communication technology, mathematics and science teaching, English, educational psychology and inclusive education.

Program Fee: Around $32450

Duration: Full-time: 4 years

All prices, dates, and deadlines are subject to change.

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