Bachelors of Psychological science

La Trobe University, Study In Australia


Course code/s: SBPSW, SBPSB, SBPS

The Bachelor of Psychological Science (BPsySc) is a coherent program of study in psychology that includes a focus on all of the core content areas of the discipline, from biological foundations to social influences on affect, behaviour and cognition, in addition to strong training in research methods, and the opportunity for study in greater depth in specific areas where staff have research expertise.

The course prepares students for careers in a range of settings including human resources, management, and mental health and human services, in addition to positions that make use of the strong research, analytical and communication skills our students develop.

It is important to emphasise that the Bachelor of Psychological Science does not qualify a graduate to work as a psychologist.

Students intending to study part-time should note that this means enrolling in a lesser workload, rather than studying after hours, as BPsySc subjects are not available as evening classes.  The delivery of the course is primarily by lectures (which are recorded for later download or streaming online) and by tutorials that are delivered face-to-face to smaller groups on each campus. In line with the School's commitment to increasing flexible learning opportunities, some subjects involve online and self-directed components.

The degree requires the completion of 360 credit points, consisting of 120 credit points accrued from subjects taken at each of the first-, second- and third-year levels.

An additional requirement is that students must successfully complete a minimum of 180 credit points of psychology subjects across the three years of the degree, as well as a 15 credit point statistics subject, with no less than 135 credit points of psychology accrued from subjects at second- and third-year level.

Note that the six third-year psychology subject electives (each worth 15 credit points) will be available in alternate years;  PSY3NBC, PSY3RTP and PSY3CCG will be available in even years, PSY3CNN, PSY3HAR and PSY3ASD will be available in odd years. These subjects may be taken by both second and third-year students in the course.  One elective placement subject worth 30 credit points PSY3PFP is also available every year over the summer semester which is typically taken between the second and third year of the course.

Program Fee: Around $(Not Mentioned)

Duration: 3 years full-time, or part-time equivalent

All prices, dates, and deadlines are subject to change.

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