Master of Arts

University of New England (UNE), Study In Australia


Why study the Master of Arts at UNE?

This master’s degree gives you the chance to delve into your specialisation and produce an original contribution in your industry or field. In this program, you'll learn advanced research skills and enhance your ability to critically review literature and case studies.

Sharpen your faculties in problem solving and decision making in a rigorous environment for intellectual, professional and personal growth. The School of Social Sciences and School of Creative Industries offer broad study areas to choose from, with highly qualified academic staff to supervise your research.

The Master of Arts is designed to enable graduates to pursue further studies in an area of personal interest, for professional development, or as a pathway to higher degree research, by studying a number of graduate level units. Whilst completing their major, students are able to tailor a program of study to suit their interests by enrolling in units within the one subject area, or selecting units from a range of subject areas, as listed for this course.

Program Fee: Around $

Duration: 1 or 1.5 or 2 Years Full-time Up to 6 years Part-time

All prices, dates, and deadlines are subject to change.

Course Outcomes

Knowledge of a Discipline.

The students will appreciate and apply expert knowledge of specific subject areas, including recent development, research principles and inter-disciplinary approaches and practice

Communication Skills

The students will be able to demonstrate and apply mastery of higher level research and communication skills including theoretical, technical and analytical concepts to their research .

Information Literacy

The students will develope the ability utilise enhanced critical thinking and analytical skills with creativity and initiative in a variety of academic settings, including a research project and capstone experience, with high level personal output.

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