Master of Business Analytics

Macquarie University (MQU), Study In Australia



Measuring performance is big business. Today, most of the world’s major companies employ business analytics to gain valuable business insights and get an edge on their competitors. Using data modelling and statistical analysis, business analytics allows companies to measure their past performance, improve efficiency, increase profits, continuously improve, innovate and make educated decisions that drive the organisation forward. 

This comprehensive, flexible degree has a strong focus on the real-world application of business analytics tools and techniques. You’ll develop your knowledge and understanding of computer programming, databases, applied statistics and machine learning techniques applied to big data. You’ll become adept at recognising the importance of ethical reasoning in the solution of analytic-related problems. And you’ll learn how to collaborate and communicate effectively with diverse teams to achieve a range of purposes in different contexts.

Program Fee: Around $28,310

Duration: 2 years with part-time equivalent

All prices, dates, and deadlines are subject to change.

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