Master of Science in Agriculture

University of New England (UNE), Study In Australia


Course Information

The Master of Science in Agriculture is a program of course work, research methodology, and research designed to provide an introduction to research. It prepares students to identify and propose solutions to problems facing their specified field of interest in agriculture and evaluate a body of research to identify problem and methodology, statistics and interpretation of research. The course work component is designed to provide advanced knowledge and to develop a range of skills, applicable to the candidate's background and area of interest. It enables students to Conduct or interpret research in their chosen field of agriculture and have the ability to utilize or produce new findings that advance and enhance knowledge in their discipline of interest (thesis-based graduates .

Areas of specializations are animal science; meat science and technology; wool science; genetics and animal breeding; agricultural and resource economics; agronomy and soil science.

This is an approved Student Income Support course. Eligible students may apply for Youth Allowance or Austudy.

Program Fee: Around $

Duration: 1 or 1.5 or 2 Years Full-time Up to 6 years Part-time

All prices, dates, and deadlines are subject to change.

Course Outcomes

Knowledge of a Discipline

The students will be able to demonstrate specialised technical, field and/or laboratory skills relevant to specialist areas/disciplines in the field of agricultural science;

Communication Skills

The students wil have highly developed skills in written and oral scientific communication to demonstrate independence of thought and to transmit complex knowledge and ideas to specialist and non-specialist audiences;

Problem Solving

The students will be able to generate and evaluate complex information applying creative skills to a practical problem(s) contributing to the established body of knowledge to inform professional practice;

Independence and Collaboration

The student will built a skill to negotiate, plan, design and execute a research-based project, analyse data and provide a written report or thesis on the methodology and outcomes in an appropriate format.

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