Education Centre of Australia (ECA)

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Outstanding Student Outcomes

At ECA, we provide an end-to-end student transition service that intuitively understands the needs of international students as they move through Australia’s vocational and higher education systems.

Our successful and flexibly managed campus model has a demonstrated track record of assisting international students at each stage of their academic journey, and ensures that every student has access to on-going personal and professional support.



Open Mind means Open Opportunities

Student Support

We offer a broad range of dedicated student support
services, including airport pickup, accommodation,
counselling and OSHC.

Multiple Campuses

Our fully equipped campuses in Sydney, Melbourne and
Brisbane offer state of the art classrooms, computer labs,
libraries and meeting areas.

Professional Internship

We provide professional work experience in Australia with an
ECA professional internship program available to over
1,000 students each year.

Quality Education

ECA endeavors to offer the highest quality standards of education in each area of specialisation to all the international students.







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