Things you should know about Australia

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Here we have listed things you should know before leaving for Australia as an international student- By Sashi.B Gurung-Operations Manager, PEC

Pre-departure sessions are conducted to equip students with all the necessary information that will help them easily adjust in the new environment.

Few things students traveling to Australia should know:

  • Australia is a melting pot with people from all walks of life, religious beliefs, races, colors and lifestyle preferences.
  • Aussies speak English with a different accent which often becomes tricky to understand.
  • Traffic rules are followed strictly, unlike in Nepal.
  • Australian summers are scorching hot and if proper precautions aren’t taken, you may end up with nasty sun burns.
  • 000 is the emergency number to be dialed from your mobile phone to seek help in case of any kind of emergencies.
  • Bottled water is more expensive than milk.
  • Getting your prescription glasses fixed or copies made of your passport photos can burn deep holes in your pockets.
  • Aussies have their own vocabulary/alternatives for words. For example, Bloke means Man, Arvo means afternoon and Digger mean Australian soldier.
  • Nepali students studying in Australia love to go to the beach. It is advisable to visit guarded beaches and always pay heed to warnings and strictly adhere to them even if you are a professional swimmer.